Anca Zahan

My name is Anca Zahan, I am 36 years old and I am from Târgu-Mureș, Romania. Even though in my beginnings I went with the flow and chose the numbers, for several years I chose the path of self-knowledge, at first through psychodrama, then I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, following the master’s program “Clinical intervention psychology through counseling and therapy”.
Even if I’m shy at the bottom, I’m a good listener, a lover of life and people, in love with the infinite diversity of the human psyche, increasingly aware of my authenticity and purpose.

I’ve noticed that in our relationships of any kind, we get caught in the trap of blaming ourselves for what’s going wrong in our lives, or blaming others. However, most of the time, communication deficiencies are to blame.
I signed up for the Reactive Communication Counselor® training, out of the need to identify and heal my blockages and out of the desire to succeed in applying and transmitting concretely, coherently and efficiently the tools, rules and techniques of the method proposed by Antonia Noël so that more and more people to benefit from healthy and harmonious relationships.

“We talk about others in their place because we don’t know how to talk to them about us, and the expression of others about us in our place lasts until death, if we don’t take the risk of regaining our right to expression.” (Jacques Salomé)

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