Become a Relational Communication® Counselor

Do you want to improve your communication? Do you want to know how to do it and help others? Specialize in Relationship Communication® and become a qualified trainer in this field.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of Communication, Antonia NOËL, consultant and trainer in Relational Communication® of the ESPERE International Institute in Paris, trainer specialized in Early Childhood at Petite Enfance Institute Boris Cyrulnik-Paris, PhD student in Communication Sciences has decided to share all her experience and work practice with people, forming the Team of Trainers in Relational Communication® in Romania. The first trainers in this field will also be the first generation of practitioners of the Institute for Relational Communication®, the association that aims to activate the network of accredited trainers and disseminate information at national level.

The course takes place over two years, structured on 9 weekend modules and topics that cover the essential aspects of Relational Communication®.

General objectives

  • Development of communication skills in professional and personal relationships
  • Awareness of your relational potential
  • Integration of new communication tools and techniques meant to facilitate non-violent dialogue and communication in your relationships
  • Increased self-confidence, accountability and relational potential
  • Applying the knowledge acquired in your own relationships (professional, couple, family)

Pedagogical objectives

  • Creation of a core-source of trainers for the transmission of the Relational Communication® in institutions and the private environment in Romania
  • Dissemination of Relational Communication® in schools / kindergartens / state institutions / organizations
  • Transmission of information with educational value in society
  • Establishing a working network to reduce violence in society and establishing working practices

Working method

  • The training is based on the ESPERE® Method, a psycho-pedagogy of communication founded by the French psycho-sociologist Jacques Salomé, author of over 70 volumes in the field of Communication and Human Relationships
  • Each module develops a theoretical part (30%) and a practical part based on the scenario and case studies of the participants (70%)
  • The course also contains tools and techniques from various theories of Communication Sciences and Psychology, from psychological currents such as CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), SFT (Short Focused Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Target audience

  • Participants can be trainers in various fields of activity, trainers, coaches, psychologists, school counselors, consultants, doctors and various other socio-professional categories who are in contact with people, aiming to offer them support and advice.
  • Any adult over 25 with higher education who wants to develop on a personal level
  • People over 25 who want to make a career change or become a Relationship Counselor®

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