Corina Dumitrașcu

My name is Corina Dumitrașcu. My current profession is as a teacher in SRB primary school, Craiova. 

In my capacity as a human being, I have several roles at hand: wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, colleague and everything that follows from my moments spent on this earth. 

In my vision, Relational Communication® is like air, indispensable to the soul and body life. Communicating with myself is my breath, and in a relationship, of any kind, communicating is equal to “Being”. 

My approach, therefore, is basic: I want to be “I”, in a harmonious relationship with myself and with everything around me. As I make my way through life, I aim, as a future trainer in Relational Communication®, to bring as much light and balance among those who want to master the art of effective communication.