Cristina Catana-Buca

Cristina Catană-Bucă

My name is Cristina Catană-Bucă and what I can say about me is that I enjoy all the roles that life has endowed me: as a mother for Mihaiță and Andreea Teodora, as a wife, a daughter and a colleague.

I like to introduce myself as a specialist in management and public administration, a practitioner in psycho-pedagogy and parenting, having a special passion for reforming the educational management system.

I have 16 years of experience in coordinating over 300 community development projects and programs, being an authorized trainer for 10 areas related to management. We opened the first enrichment center in Craiova, contracting in this respect the number one program in the world, FasTracKids. I am the president of the Romanian Youth Association with Initiative and together with my colleagues I set up the first exclusively Romanian educational social franchise, based on the best practices in the UK, through which we apply a new educational model based on the national regulations in force: – Romanian School.

I chose to add one more nuance to my life path, that of Counselor in Relational Communication®, because I think it blends in harmoniously with my experience. I propose to bring all the tools of relational communication as deep as possible in the Romanian educational system.