The path of personal development is paved with challenges. There is no success without provocation. The workshops, conferences and seminars we are supporting, opened to the general public or upon request, give us the opportunity to grow people. Those who step in, have understood that there is a “before” and a “after”, a world of relational communication opens to them, which gives them access to healthy, constructive interpersonal relationships, whether they are in the family or in a professional environment.

In order to be able to grow others, we grow daily, through the programs in which we participate as counselors in Relational Communication® and through international trainings where we train

dezvoltare institutul de comunicare relationala
dezvoltare institutul de comunicare relationala

We, therefore, grow people for people, specialists to bring relational communication at national level, in every city in the country. Our advisors aim to disseminate Relational Communication® in schools, organizations, public and private institutions in cities such as Bucharest, Craiova, Galaţi, Sibiu, Slatina and others.

Did you know that you can also become a relational communication advisor in your city? For more information on the path of your personal and professional growth, click here.