Our main mission is to educate people. Without education, man is an orphan, says a French proverb. Through the proposed programs, we stepped on the road of non-formal education after we found the urgency of communicating in a relational manner in society, from the youngest, to adults.

At school, children nowadays learn mathematics, foreign languages, history, physics, etc. Clearly, they are important, but these subjects do not help them communicate in a healthy way with colleagues, adults, parents at home or at school. We are witnessing more and more phenomena of bullying, violence in schools, various forms of aggression, and, if they exist, it is because the matter of relational communication is not yet implemented in schools.

What we are doing is to go to the schools in Romania and to send the children ABC of Relational Communication® with others.  Through the programs designed by Antonia Noël, founder of the Institute, children learn respect, tolerance, self-affirmation and a new way to relate, based on respect and autonomy. We support courses for children from pre-school age to adolescence.

For us, investing in education is more than a mission, it is a duty.