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Through our workshops, conferences and seminars we aim to help People thrive.


Our main mission is to educate people. Without education, man is an orphan, says a French proverb. Through the proposed programs, we stepped on the road of non-formal education after we found the urgency of communicating in a relational manner in society, from the youngest, to adults.


The studies we make through various methods of empirical research help us understand the factors that alter, amplify or diminish communication in society and at individual level.


The path of personal development is paved with challenges. There is no success without provocation. The workshops, conferences and seminars we are supporting, opened to the general public or upon request, give us the opportunity to grow people

Who we are

The Institute of Relational Communication is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which aims to disseminate Relational Communication® at national and international level.

It gives adults the opportunity to prepare themselves in this area and to transmit as trainers, the rules, tools and techniques of Relational Communication® in society (public and private institutions, NGO’s, businesses, at individual level).

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20 April 2024


20 April - 21 April
Șoseaua Panduri nr. 3, Șoseaua Panduri nr 3
București, 050651 Romania
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Program: Organizatia, persoana, functia, rolul si contractulSalariul si beneficiile angajatului. Victimizarea.Tipurile de relatii si functii. Apozitie versus opozitie.Autoritate. Putere. AutoritarismTipologii de managementNegociere. Persuasiune. Confruntare. Consens. Te rugăm să completezi formularul […]

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26 April 2024


26 April - 28 April

In acest prim modul vei invata un nou mod de a ineractiona cu oamenii, care îți va aduce beneficii pe toate planurile. Vei cunoaște instrumentele și tehnicile specifice acestei metode […]

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Participants' impressions

In January 2013 when I was a fresh mother and David was 3 months old, I won participation on relational communication course as prize at a Facebook contest. I was very lucky because it was the kind of course that opens your eyes and changes your instant perspective. Thank you so much, Antonia Noël! David is 6 years old now and the relationship I have with him is different than the one I had with my parents! Antonia Noël thank you enormously, I am very grateful for the opportunity offered, looking back, it was a foothold that I built a lot.
maria vasile testimonial picture
Maria Vasile Ionescu
I wanted to hug you and tell you that you changed my life so well. Not for the better, but in SO GOOD. And for that, let me thank you with all my heart. I hope doing all that at the first opportunity. I knew you exactly at the right time when my children were very young and thanks to you and your teachings are both a better mother and a better person. Words, scarves, symbols, boxes, all the tools they use every day. And that helps me to have beautiful relationships, especially with my two daughters. I have no problems that children do not listen to me (they also listen to me and I listen them), that they are not good, that they do not want to do what they ask or what other problems I hear around me every day. And I've never had it, and I'm sure that's due to relational communication. Therefore, there is no day in which I do not think of you and what change you have made in me. I can't wait for you to meet my girls, they'll come to the kids ' workshops in 2018.
lidia jianu testimonial picture
Lidia Jianu
Antonia, thank you so much for the feedback offered. It helps us much to better understand the situation and act properly. Not only Iana learned from this course , but also us parents, thus improving parent-child relationship and, most important, communication between us. I appreciate and respect what you did and I am glad that Iana had the opportunity to learn new things that will be useful for a long time.
cristina sbircioc testimonial picture
Cristina Sbircioc
I am grateful for many life lessons, reflections, analyses, which helped me to overcome depressions and learn to defend my inner balance. And not just to defend it but to rediscover it, to reconfigure it ... to find myself!
livia popescu testimonial picture
Livia Popescu

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