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comunicare relationala scoala altfel

For us, investment in education is much more than a mission, it's a duty. Our goal is to get to integrate Relational Communication® in schools, as a subject. For nowadays children, Math, Romanian, History or English does no more represent basic knowledge that guarantees integration in society or in labor field. Future generations need to develop skills which will be necessary trades which are not even discovered yet. World Economic Forum mentions first ten skills necessary each individual for to enter the labor market: solving complex problems, criticism thinking, creativity, persons management, coordination other, emotional intelligence, power of decision, orientation to services, negotiation, mental flexibility.

Through the Relational Communication® programs that we carried out in schools, from Class 0 to adolescent (including), we develop these abilities of every child, helping him to:

  • Communicate efficiently at home and at school
  • Develop self confidence
  • Build a constructive and cooperative position in relation with classmates
  • Avoid conflicts and develop an assertive communication
  • Work in team, activating cooperation
  • Reject any form of violence (verbal, physical, moral)
  • Become responsible and autonomous concerning its own decisions
comunicare relationala scoala altfel

Today our counselors lecture at the request of the educational institutions, offering the programs in the "alternative" Week in public schools or, punctual, at the of personal development, communication or tutor classes.

We want these hours to no longer be paid from the parents ' own resources, but they are to be integrated into the school curriculum concluded by the Ministery of Education.

For now, through YOUR donation we can involve in as many schools in the country, both in urban and rural environments, by implicating us concretely in helping children from all backgrounds, including disadvantaged ones. We will thus bring relayed communication to the level of every child because, as Finkielkraut said “It is not so important what the Planet we leave to our children but rather what kind of children we leave to our Planet.”

We thank you for your intention to support us, and we propose the following ways to help us:

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Choose to donate an amount depending on the resources you have available (there is no small amount, any donation is welcome) in the Account IBAN RO89 PIRB 4211 7845 2700 1000 opened at FIRST BANK, Agency September 13, Bucharest, Sector 5, beneficiary Association Institute of Relational Communication

Donate 2%

Donate 2% of the income tax by pressing the “donate” button. You will be redirected to Form 230, which you must complete and send to ANAF where your company is registered.

Example of a Relational Communication Session® in Schools