In training

Nicușor Ciuvică

I want to help other people on their personal development, I want to help them achieve this peace and happiness I’ve been feeling in the past years.

Anca Zahan

I signed up for the Reactive Communication Counselor® training, out of the need to identify and heal my blockages and out of the desire to succeed in applying and transmitting concretely, coherently and efficiently the tools, rules and techniques of the method proposed by Antonia Noël so that more and more people to benefit from healthy and harmonious relationships.

Corina Dumitrașcu

In my vision, Relational Communication® is like air, indispensable to the soul and body life.

Cristina Catană-Bucă

I chose to add one more nuance to my life path, that of Counselor in Relational Communication®, because I think it blends in harmoniously with my experience.

Daniela Fieraru

I take part in Antonia’s course with the desire to improve communication with my family and those around me, and to get to know myself as well as possible.

Mădălina Duma

I always wanted to play a part in people’s evolution, but I didn’t know how to do it.

I discovered the path I want to follow when I started the Relational Communication® Counselor training.