Relational Communication®
in the Personal Life

Relationship Communication® is a different way of communicating than the one you know today, it is an authentic and efficient way to enter into dialogue, in order to develop and maintain quality relationships with others.

According to what we studied, most adults do not face psychological problems (as we often tend to believe), but on the basis of negative emotions, or dysfunctional behaviors that they manifest, there are difficulties in verbal communication with the other.

Parents learn to communicate in a different way, not through blackmail, threats, accusations or devaluations, but by applying the rules of Relational Communication®, they will develop quality relationships and effective communication with young children, up to the adolescent age.

comunicare relationala formare formatori

In the couple relationships we will approach concrete techniques of positioning face to your “half”, coming out from the accusation of the partner and following a relational dialogue, thus you will know how to maintain and strengthen a beautiful long-term relationship.

If in the relationship with our parents we have experienced certain traumas, conflict situations and closed dialogues, but with the help of the Relational Communication® we can get out from the un- exposed and dare the liberating dialogue, most of the times for both parties.

comunicare relationala formare formatori

If our body gives us signs of physical suffering, these are just the unending dialogue that our body is trying to offer us. When we use the listening tools of Relational Communication®, we will know how to decode our own somatizations or pains

Whatever your level of communication with others is right now, from a good socialization (which is not synonymous with communication) to an introverted attitude, you can discover the path of Relational Communication®, thus getting to communicate effectively with everyone around. The testimonies of those who participated in our courses are living proof that transformation is possible at any time. Through Relational Communication® we grow people.

Through Relational Communication®
we grow People.