The studies we make through various methods of empirical research help us understand the factors that alter, amplify or diminish communication in society and at individual level.

So far, we have two published research studies, both related to the influence of new technologies among children and their impact on family communication.

The first study was conducted in the year 2016, under the coordination of sociologist Valentina Marinescu, PhD professor at the University of Bucharest.

cercetare institutul de comunicare relationala

The study published in 2018, under the coordination of Professor Emeritus Daniela Roventa-Frumuşani, professor at the University of Bucharest, pointed the need to bring closer the parent to the child in family communication, as a parent-mediator, following the excessive use of screens by children.

We continue to initiate and participate in various research programs based on interpersonal communication, children, family, disadvantaged environments or specific situations of Romanian society (migration, etc).

All the theoretical and empirical studies and researches we pursue are based on understanding the social phenomena and degradation/evolution of human communication and the implementation of education and training programs that are appropriate to the requirements of the current context.