Who we are

We are a  non-governmental, non-profit organization that aims to disseminate  Relational Communication® to national level, giving adults the opportunity to prepare in this area  and to transmit, as trainers, the rules, tools and techniques of the of relational communication in  society.

We develop and implement formal and non-formal training programs through educational projects and local and European partnerships for children, youth and adults.

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We are organizing events designed to develop interest in better communication in society, at public institutions (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, administration), NGO’s, and Private-environment organizations level. We are collaborating with recognized international specialists for their contribution in socio-human sciences (psychologists, sociologists, trainers), being our honored guests to various conferences, symposiums and events we are organizing.

We laid the foundations for a research discipline in the field of Relational Communication, which aims to carry out qualitative and quantitative studies related to Relational Communication in Romanian society. The first  studies related to the use of new technologies by children and their impact on interpersonal communication in Romanian families are already published on our page.

We are developing voluntary  programs and actions for families in difficulties, vulnerable people or simply to create an awareness phenomenon of the  importance of communication and interpersonal relationships.

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